The Estate is located in a privileged position to “go for Langa” by car, by motorbike or by bike (with the possibility of renting bicycles, normal or pedal assisted, in the nearby specialized centers), to get to know the surrounding hills UNESCO heritage.

Visit Dogliani

Unique town thanks to a monumentality that is the perfect product of existing languages: a surprising fusion between the Middle Eastern, Gothic and Neoclassical styles. The urban layout is in fact deeply characterized by the eclecticism of G.B. Schellino illustrious “urban planner”, creator of the famous neo-Gothic cemetery, which, in 800, attributed to the country unusual corners, completely new if compared to the time when they were conceived, and a monumental face that cannot go unnoticed. Speaking of Dogliani the memory cannot fail to run to his most illustrious citizen: Luigi Einaudi (1874-1961), first President of the Italian Republic and distinguished economist, whose figure is celebrated by the Permanent Museum named after him and by the civic library built at the behest of his son Giulio in 1963 and designed by the architect Bruno Zevi .

The best way to enjoy the scenic wonders of this corner of the Langhe and discover the most unspoilt corners is to follow the nature trails. Dogliani offers different itineraries, of varying difficulty, from 10 to 17 Km, walkable, by bicycle and on horseback.

Visits and tastings in the cellar

To organize them there is only the embarrassment of choice in this land of great wines.  In particular Dogliani is known for its Dolcetto, different from all the homonyms and for this pride of the town and all the other countries of the D.O.C.

The Langhe from the sky

A unique emotion is to look at these beautiful hills, world heritage, from above and the hot air balloon is the most fascinating means. Several possibilities to organize a flight.

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